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Do I Need to Speak to a Personal Injury Lawyer After a Bicycle Accident in New Jersey? 



Accident in New Jersey

Yes, consulting a personal injury lawyer after a bicycle accident in New Jersey is advisable. New Jersey’s complex traffic laws and potential for significant injuries mean legal guidance can ensure your rights are protected. A lawyer can navigate insurance claims, assess liability, and pursue compensation for damages and medical expenses, providing peace of mind during recovery. Their expertise can be crucial for a favorable outcome.

Getting into a bicycle accident in New Jersey can be dangerous for the victim. Since the protection is minimal on the bicycle, the rider is more prone to severe injuries, and even fatal in many cases. The severity of the accident depends on a lot of factors, but if the accident occurred due to someone else’s fault, victims are eligible to seek financial compensation. 

Even if the victim did not incur major injuries but had to go through emotional distress, pain, and suffering, they are eligible to file for a personal injury claim. While filing for a claim, it is often asked whether hiring lawyers from Sattiraju & Tharney, LLP in New Jersey is needed.

Let us explore the query in detail by understanding when a lawyer is important and how they can assist in your case. 

Are you legally bound to have an attorney to file for a personal injury claim?

No. There is no legal compulsion to hire a lawyer when you are filing for a personal injury claim. However, it is advisable to consult one and speak to them about your claim. This is because the discussion will help you understand your case and give better clarity that you can use when seeking compensation with or without having a lawyer by your side.

You should have a personal injury lawyer by your side.  

After a Bicycle

Victims often do not understand that going with a lawyer and going solo are two different approaches. Having an experienced lawyer by your side when going through legal procedures can streamline the process and make it easier for you to get compensation. 

At the same time, fling for a claim independently might make you a victim of bad faith insurance practice, which you might not even know until a lawyer points out. While seeking information on the internet can help, guidance from someone who has experience can help you understand your case better. This has only one prime reason –each case is different and poses different scenarios, challenges, and compensation amounts. 

Even so, when the insurance company tries to offer a lowball settlement, your lawyer will protect and fight for your rights, which will allow you to get a fair settlement. Moreover, they will also help you with collective evidence and do everything within the statute of limitation, so there is no room for denying you from getting compensation from the insurance company. 

Speak to a personal injury lawyer today!

Go with a reputable and experienced lawyer in (city) and seek financial compensation for your injuries, damages, and sufferings today!

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