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Truly Scary Divorce Facts



Truly Scary Divorce Facts

True to the fact, divorces are scary. Though you might consider it the right decision, it is not as easy as it seems. In just a short period, it can twist and turn your entire life. In this blog, The Auburn divorce lawyer will put together eight scary divorce facts, you should know. So, let us get started. 

8 Truly Scary Divorce Facts

Truly Scary Divorce Facts

1. The Very First Divorce happens at a Young Age

You will be shocked to know the average age of a first divorce is still 30 years old. By the time a couple is 20, they tend to grow. As they reach their 30s, they understand that their needs are different from each other. Thereby, they part ways.

2. You Suffer from Health Risks after Divorce

Unsuccessful marriages are injurious to mental health. It comes with various physical health concerns, including heart disease and hypertension.

3. Children Suffer from Mental Health Issues

Parents are not the only ones who suffer, children suffer too. They are prone to depression and other mental health concerns. Divorce makes kids’ lives chaotic.

4. Most Divorces are Filed by Women

Maximum divorce cases are filed by women. The reason could be anything. From economic factors, incompatibility, and custody issues.

5. Big Weddings are equal to Huge Divorce Rates

Many couples dream of a big fat wedding with full pomp and show. According to the researchers, couples who have a lavish wedding are at risk for divorce. 

6. Happy Married Parents are Equal to Happy Marriages

True to the fact, if your parents are happily married, then the chances of your divorce drop down to a great extent. You have been watching your parents’ successful marriage, so you know how to make things work.

7. Unpredictable Hazards of Smoking can destroy marriage

We know the health risks that come with smoking. But do you know that it can also affect your marriage? According to a study, if your partner smokes, the chances of divorce increase to 70-90%.

8. The Standard Marriages are Shorter Than You Think

It is common to hear from couples, ‘Till death do us part’. But the average marriage length goes for around the 8-year mark. Surprising right? This time frame is sufficient to have a home, kids, etc. 


These above scary divorce facts are a reality of life. But being aware of these causes beforehand will prevent loss. Have more, scary divorce facts to add, let us know in the comment section below. 

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