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A Beginner’s Guide to the Legal Process of Divorce



Legal Process

Marriages are delicate balances requiring time, effort, and patience from both partners. If the relationship is no longer working for you or your spouse, it may be time for a divorce. In Utah, this procedure may look even more terrifying and baffling because the state has unique regulations and procedures in place. If you want a crash course in divorce, the article below will provide you with an overview of the legal procedure. You can consult Utah divorce attorneys for more information. 

Divorce processes – the types 

There are two primary sorts of divorce, including: 

  • Uncontested divorce 

Both spouses consent to all terms of the divorce, including property division and child custody. Spouses might agree in a variety of ways. Divorce litigation, mediation, and collaborative divorce are all examples of effective discussions. 

  • Contested divorce 

The couples are unable to reach an agreement, so the matter proceeds to trial. 

Get the help of a divorce lawyer. 

When you employ an attorney, she or he will assist you in developing a divorce strategy. Divorces are not straightforward, and you cannot expect things to go smoothly unless everything is deliberately planned. You must assess all of your assets and determine what you hope to gain from your marriage. This may comprise both what you are prepared to part with and what you just need for your lifestyle. Your attorney may also assist you in preparing all of the essential documentation for filing your petition. 

File for divorce. 

After you have planned your divorce, you must submit an official petition for divorce to the court. This petition is known as a Petition for Dissolution of Marriage. When you do this, your spouse must be served with divorce papers by someone authorized to do so. Negotiations can commence at this time, either between your attorney and your spouse or between your attorney and your spouse’s attorney if they choose to work with one. 

The discovery process. 

The discovery stage is when you and your attorney learn about the opposing party’s assets and obligations. You will be supplied with a written list of your spouse’s assets and debts. Your attorney will assist you in preparing the identical paperwork for your husband to review. To ensure an equitable divorce, both parties must openly report all assets and obligations. 

Get the help you need. 

Although this article is simply an overview, understanding the fundamental divorce procedure will help relieve some of the tension that most individuals experience at the start of their divorce cases. An experienced and educated divorce lawyer may provide a more complete overview of the divorce procedure. Speak to an attorney today and get the help you need

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